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hpacucli not detecting HP Smart Array Controller

In some cases hpacucli is not detecting the HP Smart Array Controller, in my case it was a HP P420 controller. => ctrl all show Error: No controllers detected. => You can solve this issue by loading the sg module: # modprobe sg You’ll see now that the controller is detected: => ctrl all show […]

Problem installing VMWare ESXi 5 on DL HP120 G7

It seems that HP DL120 G7 have difficulties with installing VMWare ESXi5 while ESXi4 is running fine. During the installation it crashes with the following error message: No place on disk to dump data. This occurs because an option in the BIOS. To fix the problem reboot your server into the BIOS and go to: […]

Dell server: limited to 256MB memory

Today I replaced a server with a Dell Poweredge 860, after installing Debian Squeeze and booting the server I noticed the server has only 256MB system memory. After some Googling I found out that ‘OS Install Mode‘ was set to On. Setting this mode to ‘Off’ in the BIOS solved the problem.

Dell R200: PCIe Training Error: Embedded I/O Bridge device 1

I work with a lot of Dell and HP servers, since a while I see the following error message on Dell R200 servers: PCIe Training Error: Embedded I/O Bridge device 1 It is an known Dell hardware problem, the PCI slot where the risercard is plugged into is malfunctioning, removing the riser card or any […]