cPanel: Service status showing down while it is up and running

I just worked on a CentOS server with cPanel/WHM. The problem was that Service Status was showing the status for some services (httpd, ftpd, exim, imap) as down while they were up and running. It took me some hours to find the cause of this, but at the end I found the cause.

The problem was that ‘lo’ was not active, I have activated it by running:

# ifup lo

After ‘lo’ was activated I had to restart cPanel:

# service cpanel restart

All services were showing up after the restart, but imap was still shown as down. I quickly solved this by regenerating the ‘check script’ for imap:

# rm -rf /etc/chkserv.d/imap

Then go to Service Manager via cPanel, enable imap (if it is not) and press Save.

Good luck!