Monitoring LSI RAID adapter with mpt-status

I have a few HP and Dell servers I manage that use LSI RAID controllers. To ensure remotely that a hard drive is not failed I was in need of a tool. I found the mpt-status utility, which is a tool for monitoring LSI RAID controllers.

However, the installation took some time as I got some kernel errors. In this guide I will show you how I installed the tool.

I have done the installation on a CentOS server, for Debian or other distributions it could be different.

Download and install the mpt-status utility:

# wget
# rpm -ivh mpt-status-1.2.0_RC7-3.i386.rpm

So far, so good. But running the mpt-status led into some error messages:

# mpt-status
open /dev/mptctl: No such file or directory
Try: mknod /dev/mptctl c 10 220
Make sure mptctl is loaded into the kernel

Ok, there are two errors, first I solved the first error:

# mknod /dev/mptctl c 10 220

Let’s try again to run the mpt-status utility:

# mpt-status
open /dev/mptctl: No such device
Are you sure your controller is supported by mptlinux?
Make sure mptctl is loaded into the kernel

One of the error messages disappeared, but still, it is not working. Now you have to load the mptctl module:

# modprobe mptctl

Try again to run the mpt-status utility, you will see it will work. Enjoy!