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Monitoring I/O on Linux

You can use iostat to find out disk utilization, but with iotop you can monitor the actual read/write. iotop watches the I/O usage information output by the kernel and displays it in a table of current I/O usage by processes. iotop syntax for monitoring I/O usage -o Will only show processes or threads which are […]

Monitoring server load on Linux

I wrote a simple bash script to monitor the server load, once the server load reaches the threshold it will send out an e-mail. Once you have received an e-mail from this monitoring script, you have to reset the $fileCHECK file to ‘0’: # echo ‘0’ >  $fileCHECK # In this example script it should […]

Monitoring LSI RAID adapter with mpt-status

I have a few HP and Dell servers I manage that use LSI RAID controllers. To ensure remotely that a hard drive is not failed I was in need of a tool. I found the mpt-status utility, which is a tool for monitoring LSI RAID controllers. However, the installation took some time as I got […]