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Spamassassin: Block / blacklist an e-mail address

I am running Postfix on my Debian Linux server and using spamassassin to detect spam e-mails. However sometimes you just want to block all incoming e-mail from a domain name or e-mail address. With option ‘blacklist_from‘ in spamassassin this is very simple and useful. Locate your spamassassin configuration file and open it with your text […]

Installing / Enabling SpamAssassin on DirectAdmin

By default SpamAssassin is not enabled nor installed on a system with DirectAdmin. I wrote a very simple How-To to install SpamAssassin. Install SpamAssassin: # cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts # ./spam.sh Probably you will get some Perl error like: REQUIRED module out of date: Archive::Tar optional module missing: Digest::SHA optional module missing: Mail::SPF optional module missing: IP::Country […]